Female Personal Trainer Baltimore MD

GoKaty Fitness specializes in working with female clients. As a Female Personal Trainer, Katy understands what women need to transform their bodies. Whether you’re looking to transform your body, lose a few pounds, get lean, or recover from an injury, GoKaty Fitness will work with you on your Personal Fitness goals. GoKaty Fitness will come to your home or place of work with all of the required equipment for your workout. These workouts will not only be effective, they will also be fun!

Nutrition also plays a huge part in achieving the personal fitness goals, so nutrition/diet suggestions will be made to maximize results

Services offered:

* One on One Fitness Training
* Personal Training
* Small Group Training
* Home Workout Training
* P90X Training
* Female Personal Training
* Personal Fitness
* In Home Personal Training
* Personal Trainer
* Female Personal Trainer

Contact GoKaty Fitness at 410.446.2586 or katy@gokaty.net to schedule a free consultation.


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